Counting calories can be an efficient strategy to lose weight. However, it can also be a stressful strategy.

I can mention two ways to control your calorie intake.

The first one is when you do it yourself through an app or a website.

The second one is when you receive a meal plan with pre-counted calories designed to keep you 500-1000 calories below your calorie requirement.

They can both be efficient ways to lose weight if you are on a diet and you want to feel like you’re in control. But they can also lead you to feel like a failure, because you fail to stick to the meal plan.

Calorie restriction usually makes you feel stressed, hungry and dissatisfied, and it usually leads to failure.

I want you to open up to the idea that you don’t have to control your weight loss. Control is an illusion anyway, and all people respond differently to the same approach.

I want you to celebrate your body with healthy food. I want you to improve your relationship with food during you weight loss and lifestyle change by learning how to feel free from rules and restrictions. Rules and restrictions are for prisons. Don’t treat your body as a prison to your mind.

When you eat a low-fat plant-based diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, you WILL lose weight. It might happen fast, it might not. But the important thing is that it will last because you are free from your restrictive food prison.



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