I have been interested in health and helping people become the healthiest and most vibrant versions of themselves in a long time. Over this time, I have observed many ways people can sabotage themselves from reaching their goal. In this article I mention 3 ways to sabotage yourself and what to do about it.

1: Starting out with a strategy and believing that this is the only strategy to achieve your goal.


This way of thinking is not very flexible. Your lifestyle change must fit into your current life. Not the other way around.


When you have lived a certain lifestyle for a long time, this lifestyle is what you are good at. Learning completely new things takes time. Think about how many times a baby has to try walking before he succeeds. The baby has to learn from his or her mistakes and try repeatedly before it happens. When you try a new lifestyle, you have no idea what you are doing either, and you have to adjust your strategy along the way. Maybe you wanted to get up every morning to make a delicious fruit salad, but as it turns out you prefer the extra time in bed, and you can buy a great smoothie on your way to work.

2: You don’t pick the food you enjoy.


If you don’t enjoy your meals, you will become demotivated.


What foods you enjoy will probably change along the way as you taste buds adapt. But until then, it’s okay to try low-fat plant-based versions of your old favorite meals. Maybe you’ll enjoy a plant-based burger with veggie sticks instead of fries. You don’t have to begin with eating salads everyday if you don’t want to. It’s important not to feel restricted. Your diet is a choice and you make the rules.

3: You quit because you don’t lose weight fast enough.


Your focus is on the results and not the process.


The result is important, but you can only live in the moment. You need to figure out how to reach your goal. You didn’t gain weight overnight, and you won’t lose weight overnight either. As I already mentioned, you need to learn from your mistakes and try new strategies. You might not lose weight as fast as you hoped for, but it’s more important that your being mindful about what you like to eat, how the food affects your body, what works for you and what doesn’t. You will be better of with a slow weight loss than losing 1,5kg / 3,3 pounds a week for 2 weeks, and then gain them back on because the change was to over whelming.

Self-sabotage and failures are something I feel very strongly about. I believe that we all create our own reality through our thoughts, and thoughts can be changed, and therefore you can begin to cheer yourself on instead of putting yourself down. I will write more about this topic in other articles. 



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