Usually bliss balls contain plenty of nuts and coconut oil or butter, which makes them high in fat. There´s nothing wrong with nuts, as they are very nutritious, but since they are high in fat, they should to be ate in moderation. These bliss balls are not low in calories, but they are low in fat and they are very delicious. They are very suitable as a healthy weekend snack for the family, or even as a healthy treat in your child’s school lunch box. This recipe will make approximately 25 bliss balls.


150g rolled oats

25 fresh dates

2,5 oz / 0,75 dl water

25g unsweetened cacao powder

2 tbsp. rum extract

Shredded coconut to roll them in

How it’s done:

Blend the rolled oats, dates, water, cacao powder and rom extract in a food processor. When it’s done it should look and feel like a thick dough.

Take some dough and roll it into small bliss balls, and roll them in shredded coconut.

Enjoy your weekend snack.



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