I’m usually not a fan of potato salad, because I think it’s to heavy. But I do love potatoes, so I have made a lighter version with plenty of veggies, and a delicious bell pepper pesto.

Serves 2 people


700g potatoes

150g cauliflower (+ 2 tbsp. lemon juice for sautéing)

60g sundried tomatoes (Oil-free)

50g spinach

50g kale

100g frozen edamame beans

A handful fresh dill

Grilled bell pepper pesto:

2 red bell peppers

15g walnuts

1 tbsp. hemp seeds

A handful fresh parsley

1 glove of garlic

The juice of a half lemon

How it’s done:
Boil the potatos until they are tender. Cool them down by adding the frozen edamame beans and combine. While they cool down, make the pesto. Grill the bell peppers in the oven. Watch them carefully and turn them around until they are brown and soft on all sides.

When the bell peppers are done, it’s easy to remove the seeds.

When the seeds have been removed, blend the bell peppers with the walnuts, hempseeds, parsley, garlic and lemon juice. This is your pesto. You can season it with salt, but it’s totally optional.

Cut the potatoes into smaller pieces and add the edamame beans. Heat up a pan and let the cauliflower sauté with lemon juice for a few minutes until it has a brown edge. Put the cauliflower into the bowl with the potatoes and edamame beans.

Chop the spinach, kale and the sundried tomatoes and put it in the salad. Pour over the dressing and serve.  




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