I know I post a lot of recipes. I do that because I truly love to take beautiful pictures of my meals, to show you guys how amazing plants can be. It really comes from a place of passion and inspiration But I even though I’m passionate about healthy food, I also believe that health is about more than the perfect diet. I also feel healthy and happy when I have time to be around friends and family, and when I do creative things. This weekend I went to a park nearby my home with my boyfriend to take whatever kind of pictures we felt inspired to do in the moment. I think we took 1000 pictures, and we didn’t stop until we felt we were done.

When your changing your diet because you wanna lose weight, be healthier, heal type-2 diabetes, live longer or whatever your motivation is, you leave behind i big part of your old life. This can feel overwhelming or even sad because food is so much more than nutrition. It’s also tradition, culture, comfort, social and so much more. But sometimes we learn new perspectives on life, that makes us feel that change is necessary. Evolving is a natural and beautiful part of life. It’s actually one of the things I’m most grateful for.

I’m very grateful for every aspect of my past, because it led me to my present. 

However, it doesn’t mean it’s easy. It can be challenging to learn new perspectives when they contradict our current habits.

Eating a high carb diet without animal product was so weird after all the times I tried to eat a low-carb diet. But it made sense on so many levels, that I absolutely HAD to try.

During this time of change it can be very grounding and healthy to spend time doing something you really love to do. Something that isn’t food or diet related. It grounds you, and it reminds you that even though you adopted new values and your trying to change habits, and even though it’s challenging because your old habits still hunts you, you are still you. Your diet doesn’t define you, it just an amazing tool that gives you the energy and health to be the best version of yourself as you possibly can.

Figure out what you love to do, and make time to do it by yourself or with friends and family <3




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