There’s a story behind this smoothie. The story is, that I love smoothies in the morning. I feel my best after a big smoothie with plenty of fruit. But I don’t enjoy beets. It’s not that I don’t like them, I just don’t enjoy them, and I really wanna enjoy all my food. I’m sure you can relate.

I also want to implement more beets in to my diet because of their blood pressure lowering effect [1, 2, 3]. I don’t suffer from high blood pressure but it runs in my family.

Recently I figured out how to use beets in a smoothie. The fruit doesn’t cover the taste of beet, but it compliments it. It also have a really beautiful color, and it makes me happy to look at. I’m truly excited and grateful for all the healthy nutrition and plant chemicals, that are available to me in my life. I actually have the option to nourish my body with healthy, tasty and beautiful plants <3

Here’s the recipe and I hope you enjoy it <3


3 bananas

1 peeled beetroot

1 apple

80g blueberries

A bit ginger (Optional)

Water or orange juice

How it’s done:

Blend all the ingredients together. Adjust the water / juice after the consistency you prefer.






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