This nice cream is definitely in my top 3 of amazing nice cream varieties (My favorite is, and will always be, banana/peanut butter with almond/chocolate sprinkles). I eat nice cream almost everyday, and I never get sick of it.

If you haven’t heard about nice cream, it’s an ice cream made entirely out of frozen ripe bananas. How awesome is that? No heavy cream, no eggs, no sugar or oil. Just bananas. Bananas have a high content of pectin, which is why they turn into such a delicious and creamy ice cream. But they have to be ripe before they are frozen.

You’ll need:

3 frozen ripe bananas (Peel them and break them into smaller chunks before you freeze them.)

75g fresh cherries (Don’t forget to pick the stone out)

How it’s done:

Put the frozen bananas and the cherries in a foodprocessor and blend until it’s nice and creamy.

(It’s also very delicious with a bit of chocolate sprinkle on top.




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