Type-2 diabetes is a misunderstod disease. The common conception is that it’s caused by sugar, because when you have type-2 diabetes, it’s all about lowering your blood sugar level. So if you are diagnosed with type-2 diabetes, the most logical strategy is to avoid carbohydrates, since it effects the blood sugar. Or is it?

Type-2 diabetes is actually caused by an accumulation of fat in the liver and muscles. This happens, when we eat a diet high in simple sugar and fat, which is usually the case we eat a lot of processed foods and sugary soft drinks. The accumulation of fat in the muscles cause insulin resistance because it prevents insulin from transporting glucose into the cells [1].

No one ever went to the doctor with a lifestyle related disease caused by oranges. I’m just saying.

I recommend a low-fat, carbohydrates rich diet. The carbohydrates should come from fruits, potatoes, grains and legumes. The fat should come from plants as close to their whole form as possible, like nuts and avocado instead of oil. When you get all your food from these sources you get an abundance of nutrition and dietary fibers. The fibers regulates your blood sugar level well, unlike white bread and sugar, which I do not recommend.

When you eat a low-fat plant-based diet, you will naturally eat fewer calories because mosts plants are naturally low in calories, and high in filling and satisfying fibers. Therefore it’s very likely that you will lose weight. A low-fat plant-based diet has shown a better effect at reducing the long term blood sugar levels than a regular recommended diet for people with type-2 diabetes [2, 3].


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