Do you feel like a failure whenever you don’t comply with a diet, and fall into old habits? You are not the first one this happened to.  I want you to be open to the idea that you haven’t failed yet, and that you are not spine less. Replace the world “failure” with “experience”. Suddenly you are one experience richer and you have the opportunity to learn something valuable about yourself. Sometimes you need to learn the same lesson more than once. That’s okay, because it’s all a part of your journey. Of course, it’s not as simple as it sounds. You need to be tuned in to this mindset, before you can view your “failure” in this light, and you need to be aware that this perspective exists. In this article I will tell you my point of view on failure.

Just like your meals, it’s all about abundance! You become abundant in experience so to speak.

When a baby learns to walk the baby will fall a million times before the baby masters it. This happens because the baby doesn’t know exactly how and hasn’t yet mastered the technique and balance. But eventually the baby will grow up and walk completely untroubled, not even realizing that walking is a skill that needs to be practiced. The baby simply gained experience by falling and trying again, until the baby mastered it.

The older we get the more abundant we are in experience. It’s the same thing with lifestyle change. One step at the time, fall and then and try again. It’s all a part of the journey.

When you fall back into old habits, it’s likely that something didn’t work for you. Maybe you´re making to complicated and time-consuming meals relative to the microwave dinners you made before. The lesson in this situation is that you don’t like to cook or don’t have time to cook, and you need to find something that comply with this. It’s important to become aware of your current habits, and make choices that comply with your current lifestyle.

Then there’s other and more complicated experiences, like when you figure out that the healthy food doesn’t numb you or feels as good to eat as the old food you used to enjoy. This is complicated. Your motivation to overcome this will come and go, and it’s important to celebrate the victories. Every time you succeed you become more abundant in success and you have the opportunity to become aware of what works for you. Every time you don’t succeed you become more abundant in valuable learning experiences about what doesn’t work for you. Either way, you win because you are moving forward. Forgive yourself and move on to the next meal.



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