Shifting my mindset from restriction to abundance in every aspect of my life that I can think of, has increased my gratitude towards life and my physical and mental health. Gratitude is scientifically proven to increase your health, and in this article I want to share 5 benefits you can experience by changing your mindset towards more gratitude.

Better and healthier relationships: Saying “thank you” to people makes them more likely to want to pursue a long-term positive relationship with you. I’m not just talking about romantic relationships, but also long-term friendships. When your grateful you are more likely to get relationships with people who share your interest about your lifestyle. Personally, I have gotten to know a lot of people who share my passion for a lifestyle with plant-based foods and self-love and self-awareness just by becoming more positive and grateful for the people I meet who inspire me to evolve. Studies show that when you are surrounded by like-minded people you are more likely to succeed in reaching your health goals.

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Fewer physical aches: It’s proven that grateful people experience fewer aches. It’s probably because they are more likely to take care of their health through diet and exercise. It’s my experience that gratefulness induced more positivity in my life which released more motivation to eat healthy and work out.

Reduce negative emotions: Research have shown that there is a link between gratitude and general well-being. Grateful people are less likely to be stressed and depressed. There is a link between depression and overweight. Becoming grateful is a good place to begin your health journey.

Increase personal strength: Gratitude helps you overcome past traumas that cause you to eat your emotions. This is a very common phenomenon, but most people aren’t aware that they use food to numb negative feelings of sadness, fear, feeling bored etc. Studies have shown that veterans who feel grateful are less likely to have post-traumatic stress. Becoming grateful of every aspect of your past that led you to present, will decrease your need to numb your feelings with unhealthy food. Because when your feeling positive, you don’t need to eat your emotions.

Increase self-esteem: Studies have shown that gratitude decreases social comparison. Being grateful will allow you to feel comfortable with other people’s progress and success with their health and in their life in general. When your comfortable with that, your more likely to focus on your own progress and be grateful for the steps you have already made by yourself. Social comparison is the key to failure, because it makes you feel inadequate, even though you aren’t. You’re just on your own journey.



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