In this article I want to share why I believe that kale (and other plant-based calcium sources) is a better option than dairy when it comes to calcium. This argument is actually the reason why I always choose plant-based options instead of animal products as the source of my nutrients. But first, let me paint a picture for you. 

You get an offer to choose between two jobs. They pay the same and you’ll do the same. But there are differences in the work environment:

Job 1:

  • Paid break-time.
  • Paid overtime.
  • Exercise during work hours.
  • Great healthcare plan.
  • Social events after work.
  • Buttom up management (You get influence on how to solve your work assignments. It doesn’t matter how they get done, it matters that you get it done)
  • You get to come and go when it fits into your life. The most important thing is that you get your job done, and not when you do it.


Job 2:

  • No paid breaks.
  • No paid overtime (But you are expected to do it).
  • Bad chairs and tables. Your head hurts every time you leave work.
  • No social events after work.
  • No health care plan.
  • Top down management (The bosses are telling you how to do your job, even though you have know how to make your work assignment easier.
  • You have to work everyday between 8 am and 4 pm. Your free time has to be planned around your working hours.

To me this is an easy choice. I would thrive better with job no. 1.

This is how I encourage you to choose your sources of nutrition. It doesn’t matter if dairy and kale both cointain calcium. Let’s look at the whole package.


  • Contains pus.
  • Contains antibiotics.
  • Increase your bodies production of IGF-1, which is known to be cancer promoting.
  • Has no dietary fiber.
  • Has no health promoting plant chemicals to fight cancer of.




  • Doesn’t contain pus.
  • Doesn’t contain antibiotics.
  • Doesn’t contain pesticides if it’s organic.
  • Has dietary fiber.
  • Has plenty of health promoting plant chemicals that fights cancer of.



Whether or not milk is healthy, or even suitable for humans is debatable. Whether or not it matters that you drink a small amount of pus and antibiotics when you drink dairy is also debatable, and we all have our own truths to this subject.

It’s not debatable whether or not dietary fibers and plant chemicals are health promoting for us. The more you eat, the better. The more plants you eat instead of animal products, the more dietary fibers and plant chemicals you get.

The way I see it, milk is AT BEST neutral to your health. It provides nutrients, but it isn’t health promoting, since it doesn’t contain any health promoting components. In this western world where we are highly exposed to different carcinogens, bad food choices and only a little time to exercise, we NEED health promoting food. The western world have huge issues with lifestyle related diseases and chronic illnesses, even though they are very preventable. Some are even reversible.

Animal products have micro- and macro nutrients (Vitamins, minerals, proteins, fat and carbohydrates) which helps us survive. Unfortunately animal products also contain saturated fat. Plants have micro- and macro nutrients AND dietary fibers and plant chemicals. Not only do we survive on plants. We thrive.

I think this is an important consideration to make when you choose where your nutrition should come from.

Just like good benefits at work, they are not necessary for our surviving here and now. But they benefit our overall health long-term, and they make us thrive better than a bad work environment.

The choice is obvoius to me. I don’t just want to survive. I want to thrive. I choose plants.

How about you?



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