This is the story about my mother who died of cancer last year and how her story changed my perception on cancer, health and life. My mothers story is important, and like every other sad stories, it deserves to be heard so others might find inspiration. But before I get into that, let me lead up to it by sharing why I feel motivated to write this story.

Break cancer week

A few weeks ago, Denmark had it’s annual “break cancer” week. During this week, money is collected to support “Kræftens Bekæmpelse” which is a Danish organization that supports cancer research, patient support and prevention research. Most of the money, according to their website, goes to treatment related research. It’s all good intentions.

Why I’m reluctant to support it with my money

But I’m reluctant to support them with my money, because I’m not convinced that what they are doing is worth supporting. I’m not sure they will ever find what they are looking for with the binoculars they are looking through.

They are looking through the binoculars called medical science, with all the pros and cons that comes with it. I’m also not convinced that the truth, or some version closer to the truth, isn’t already out there, already found by a different field, and just waiting to be acknowledged.

Ever since I was a child, I have been a skeptic and a truth seeker. I often find something off with the system we live in today because I hope for a better tomorrow. I have learned to feel and trust my intuition, and my intuition is telling me that something is off with the healthcare system and the way medical science understand and treat cancer. I can’t say for sure what it is, but I feel like something is off. I’ll wrap this up later in the post, but now I’m going to address my mothers cancer story.

My mother who died from cancer 

My mother died from cancer last year. It broke my heart into a million pieces and it still isn’t completely healed. I’m not sure it ever will, or that I even want it to. I want to remember her life with love and with acknowledgement of the sadness I feel from her story. The sadness is a big motivation for me to help other people to feel motivated and inspired to take responsibility of their own health before it goes wrong.

My mother was only 55 years and full of hope, life and party until cancer took that away from her.

My mother had cancer in her gall bladder. It’s a rare type of cancer with a low survival rate. However, we didn’t know this until after she died. The doctors couldn’t operate the tumor out, but they told her she had great chances because she was young and positive. She received chemotherapy, and for a while everything looked good. The tumor was reducing and the cancer activity reduced as well. It was almost down to normal cancer activity rate.

Everything was suggesting that she would survive. She was responding well to the treatment and she barely felt any side effects. She just needed another round of chemo to reduce to tumor and the cancer activity a bit more. So she took another round of chemo, because she had complete faith in the treatment that was recommended to her by the doctors. 

After this, they still said that she need more treatment, but that they couldn’t give her anymore chemo for now, because chemo is toxic for the body. They put her on the waiting list for a new type of immunotherapy they expected to arrive in February 2017, and until then she just had to wait. After waiting for 3 month she got worried and asked if it was okay for her to go this long without any treatment at all. The doctor she spoke with, didn’t think so and put her back on chemotherapy right away.

This time she started to get worse. Turned out the chemo had stopped working and the tumor started to grow again. The new type of immunotherapy didn’t arrive in February, and in April the doctors told her that that she was terminal, and one month after this she died.

After she died, the doctors told my father, that they knew all along that she never stood a chance. No one ever survives that kind of cancer without an operation, but they wanted her to stay positive and enjoy the rest of her life, so therefore they lied. 

I must say, I had mixed feelings about this message. On the one hand I would have been devastated to know my mum wouldn’t make it and live in that reality for almost two years. On the other hand, I feel like they robbed her and us the motivation to look for alternative treatment. By the time she was declared terminal, it was too late to focus on getting alternative treatment on the side. Her body was broken from the cancer and the chemo.

I don’t blame the doctors. They were doing what they believed was for the best, and what they are taught to do by the system. But I think it’s unethical to withhold information like that, and I don’t think deciding that it’s best for her not to know, is their decision to make.

My thought about her story

The point of this story isn’t to tell you some revealing “truth”, because the only truth I have is that I don’t know for sure what the truth is.

But there are so many options for alternative treatment out there. If the doctors knew that they could only offer a bit extra time, why not encourage her to try something else on the side? If she didn’t stand a change, she had nothing to lose by trying something else as well.

She said on several occasions that she wasn’t ready to die, and she would do whatever it took. Unfortunately, she trusted the doctors when they told her that chemotherapy was enough and her chances were great.

As I said, I don’t have the answers about cancer and chemo,  and I have made peace with my mothers story. But I do have suspicions that the treatment isn’t as efficient as it seems and that it reduce the quality of the rest of the cancer patients life.

All I know is that money is poured into research and has been for years, and yet more and more people get cancer, and there are still many people who dies. I also know that there are alternatives out there. I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t get traditional treatment. I think everyone should do what feels right to them. I’m only offering my personal point of view.

The alternative “treatment” I found since her death, that resonate with me

The alternative treatment that resonated the most with me when I looked in to it was:

> Dr. Robert Morse, Naturopath and Biochemist who doesn´t see cancer as a disease, but more as a symptom of acidosis. A condition that develops during a lifestyle overloaded with acid forming foods like animal products, grains and cooked food in general + a stressful lifestyle and toxic beauty products. According to himself his clients has success with his “treatment” protocol containing fruits and herbs. 

> Anthony Williams, Medical Medium. He claims that diseases happens when both pathogens (virus, bacteria and parasites) and negative or even traumatic emotions are present in the body.

This is not a sales pitch, so I won’t get into further details. I encourage you to look into it yourself and get educated on the options out there. But I will tell you the essence of their “treatment”. It’s something they both have in common, which is they both claim that diet is the key.

My throughs on alternative vs. mainstream treatment

As I said, I don’t have the truth. I only have their word that their clients see results. I haven’t seen it myself. But what they say resonates with me, because they address what they believe is the root cause. It HAS been seen before that sick people live longer than expected when they change their diet radically. I wish that more cancer research would find out if healthy and nutritious eating during treatment would increase survival rate and the quality of the patients life, instead of recommending patients to eat the very same unhealthy food that increased the risk of cancer to begin with. This allows people to make educated decisions, even if they choose to eat processed and unhealthy food to maintain their weight through the nausea and sickness. 

A cancer survivor is someone who is still alive 5 years after the diagnosis. It doesn’t matter if the person dies of cancer a week after the 5-year mark, or from any illness caused by a weakened body after receiving chemotherapy. Basically your considered a survivor if you have a heart that beats. You don’t need to be well and thriving to be considered a cancer survivor. This is an important aspect to me. 

My personal opinion is this: If my chances of survival from standard medicine is low, and the quality of my life up until my death is decreased compared to my life before the diagnosis, and I have no guarantee that I wont die from cancer or the consequences of chemo IF I make it to the “5 year survival rate”, I would take my chances with the alternative treatment (fruits and vegetables).  

Wrapping up

About 1 out of 3 people get cancer. It’s important to me to feel like I have knowledge enough about my options to make educated decisions. I wish most of my “knowledge” didn’t come from personal stories and my intuition. I wish medical science would take the personal stories seriously and use more ressources on researching this “alternative treatment”, so that EVERYTHING that works at least as well as chemotherapy can be accessible in the mainstream healthcare system as well.  A new perspective is something I would definitely support with my money. All options should be transparent. Maybe this is possible in the future <3

But first, I will try my best to prevent cancer through a healthy plant-based diet and an active and as stress free lifestyle as possible. One thing I do know that science agree on is that a plant-based diet contains plenty of cancer preventing components, like fibers and phytochemicals. The more plants, the better!

Thank you for reading this!



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