While I was at the Reducetarian Summit, I picked up a few samples of a fruit bar from the brand: That’s it.

It was basically just dried fruit and nothing else, and we all know how I feel about fruit, right? The more the better ! Fruit is the most natural energy source with the easiest accessible glucose! It will fuel you right up with energy, happiness and rainbows! 

Picture from: https://www.picquery.com/c/love-emoji_tHgj0LCgL9Ck81SKcaVWxIpYJQRZxjTF%7cn6xSoEtv%7co/

I was very excited to bring them with me on my flight to Miami. Since I’m gluten intolerant, eating on a plane as a plant-based gluten free individual is next to impossible. Thank good I can get easy delicious products to bring with ! 

Check them out: https://thatsitfruit.com/

(Since this isn’t a paid ad, I can’t offer any discounts, I just enjoyed the product).



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