About Katrine

Who is Katrine?

I am a Nutritionist with 6 years of education. With a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and health and a master’s degree in medical biology & health promotion I am ready to share my knowledge and experience about the wonders of the plant-based diet with the world.

What does Katrine specialize in?

I specialize in overall health and sufficient nutrient intake for people of all ages, weight loss, sports and reversal of heart disease and type-2 diabetes.

What does Katrine do?

I develop healthy plant-based recipes. I make healthy, easy, delicious AND affordable meal plans and grocery lists for the members of my VIP group. I offer online consultations for those who needs support throughout the process of changing their diet. I have great knowledge about the plant-based diet and I am very passionate about showing the world how to be plant-based in a world that isn’t plant-based yet.

What kind of lectures does Katrine do?

I have done lectures on:

  • Plant-based nutrition for children


From my lecture on plant-based nutrition for children
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