About the founder

My story:

My name is Katrine, and I’m the founder of wholefoodswholeminds.com. I’m a nutritionist, and I also have a master’s degree in medical biology and health promotion. I know a lot about nutrition and how it affects your health.

I am also a fitness instructor and I know how to put a workout schedule together. This is something I want to incorporate in my business later.

My passion for nutrition and health all began when I lost the weight I had gained while taking medication.

I had always been very thin, but when I took the medications, I gained 10 kg / 22 pounds. It’s not overwhelming, but it still made my re-think my self-image.

I went from feeling like a thin girl who could eat whatever I wanted and never gaining weight, to someone who had to be careful not to overeat, which was hard when the medication I took ruined my appetite regulation, and I was surrounded by horrible food choices.

It’s wasn’t until I stopped using medication that I got motivated to lose the weight I had gained.

I lost 10kg / 22 pounds in 2 month, which is a lot. I did it by starving myself. My eating routine was:

–        1 apple for breakfast

–        1 slice of bread for lunch (no butter of course)

–        1 portion of dinner (half salat, half whatever was served that day).

When the weight was of I started to notice a change in how much attention I got from men, and how great I felt about myself. Staying beautiful and controlling my food intake became an obsession to me. This is what made me interested in becoming a nutritionist.  

When I began to study nutrition and health, I learned a lot about food and the psychical and mental aspect of dieting. I also learned how to teach others what I have learned.

But I was so caught up in my self-controlling habits that restricting my diet and lying (mostly to myself) about how screwed up my relationship with food was, became the biggest and most predominant part of my lifestyle. I was hungry and exhausted for 8 years because of this obsession with controlling my diet to stay thin.  

During this time, I actually developed cysts on my ovaries (PCO), even though I was underweight. (Probably because I often craved meals that was heavy in fat after a lengthy period of controlled starvation).

I tried to do low-carb diets, but it never really improved my energy or my PCO.

It’s ironic that I was studying nutrition and health, and I told myself I was trying to stay healthy. But the truth was that I was obsessively trying to stay thin, because I had hung my self-image on my weight, and as a result I just got sick.


My turning point

Eventually a friend of mine introduced me to a diet called “the starch solution”. A diet based on low-fat plant-based foods. She tried the diet because she suffered from fibromyalgia, and her results was amazing. She became so beautiful and vibrant. Even though it went against the recommendations I was taught to teach others, I tried the diet.

I researched the diet and what really got my interested in the diet, besides her results was how other people had lost weight, gotten of there medications for heart disease and type-2 diabetes WITHOUT calorie restriction. When you focus primarily on low-fat plant-based food you can eat a bigger volume of food and be satisfied while losing weight and taking your life and your health back.

As a nutritionist, this made very good sense to me, and it was my turning point. Suddenly I didn’t feel like I had to restrict myself. I started to focus on getting enough food and nutrients instead. Over time my relationship with food improved and the cysts on my ovaries disappeared.

I started to exercise regularly. Exercise had always been on my agenda, but before this diet came along I was too exhausted to work out for more than 15 minutes at the time. Now I have plenty of energy to work out.

What’s the point with this story?

One of the important things that life has taught me, is that there are many ways to lose weight and to keep weight of. But not all weight loss strategies are healthy, either physically or mentally.

It’s important to find a healthy lifestyle that will last long-term. It shouldn’t be a quick fix. If you lose weight slowly and you focus on changing your mindset, you will get long term results. You will take your life, your body and your health back.

If you go on restrictive and/or low-carb diets you might lose weight. But you may also develop a very unhealthy relationship with food, whether your starving yourself or binge eating.

I want to show you that losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle does NOT have to be about restrictive dieting or counting calories. It can be about having an abundance of delicious foods. I still eat burgers, pizzas and other comfort foods sometimes, but I eat it plant-based and as low fat as possible. Because my diet is based on low-fat plant-based foods, I don’t prepare for an occasional unhealthy meal anymore by starving myself all day, and I don’t feel guilty. I am finally free.

When you eat low-fat plant-based foods, you can eat until your full and satisfied without having to worry about gaining weight, you can have soups, stews, burgers, pizza and so on. You do not have to eat salads all the time (although a salad can be quite delicious). It’s really that simple.


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