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3 awesome places to eat healthy in Miami South Beach.

Someone told me that there aren’t many plant-based restaurants in Miami. However, while I was in Miami South Beach,  I ate different places at every single meal, and I NEVER had to go very fare away from my hotel. There were definitely an abundance of options to eat a healthy plant-based meal, so don’t be afraid to go hungry in Miami.

Juice and Java

The first place I wanna show you is Juice and Java. It isn’t a completely plant-based place, but there are many plant-based options and they very all labeled as vegan.

I had a green tofu salad with a sour tahini dressing. It was light but filling. On the side I had a 24 oz. veggie juice. I highly recommend this place for a quick simple lunch!


I was very exited to step in to this place. I just wanted to find the nearest restaurant on happy cow, and this was it. As it turned out it was a trendy plant-based gourmet restaurant / cocktail bar.

I had the kelp noodle caesar salad. It was so AMAZING and flavorful that my mouth was exploding in taste impressions and I could hardly finish it. I know it sound weird that something can taste SO good that you can barely eat it, but as a highly sensitive being I feel every impression I get very deeply, which I think is one of my biggest strengths. But I will write about this in another post. This post is about how AMAZING the food was.

It really was.. But moving on 😀

Full Bloom

This is another plant-based gourmet restaurant nearby our hotel. I was amazed by all the plant-based options out there. My boyfriend and I agreed that this was our favorite place. The food was incredible (without over-stimulating my taste buds), and besides the obvious gluten-free label which most restaurant carries, they also labelled the OIL-FREE meals, which I found very appealing. So in this place, your actually able to order an amazing plant-based oil-free lunch or dinner. If you visit the place with a meat-eating friend or someone who prefers greasy delicious vegan options, they do offer the impossible burger and the beyond burger with a side of fries on their menu.

This was my main course. I also had rice paper rolls and a delicious gluten-free chocolate cake. I don’t recall the name of my main course but it’s jackfruit in an AMAZING and creamy tomato sauce on top of brown rice and quinoa. As mentioned, the food is amazing, and the waiters were attentive, nice and polite. I highly recommend that you eat here.

I hope you find this guide useful, if you one day find yourself in Miami South Beach. <3



5 Amazing Places To Eat Healthy in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is extremely vegan friendly, which means that it’s easy to find healthy plant-based food whether you are a vegan or not. While I was there I searched for 5 great places to eat plants in there whole form, which means no meat substitutes (Except tofu). When I eat out I’m less strict about the no oil thing, because this is rarely seen in restaurants, and to me it’s a priority that eating out is easy and convenient if possible. In a huge city like L.A. I don’t have time to drive around for specific restaurants if I want to sightsee as well.

I want to plan my meals based on where I am, and not my activities based on where I want to eat. But I do still prefer to find healthy food options based around whole plants.  Eating this way will keep my energized to do all the activities I want to do during my vacation. My strategy was to locate a restaurant nearby on HappyCow with great reviews. These are the 5 restaurants I picked out for this article:

1: SimplySalad:

SimplySalad has 4 locations in Los Angeles. I found this one on San Vincente Boulevard. The salad is freshly made and super delicious. You can mix your own salad or you can choose one from the menu. I chose the one from the menu called “Earthy, Nutty, Crunchy”. This was the only plant-based salad they had, but it was super delicious. The salad contained: Green leaves, tofu, beets, edamame, artichoke hearts, sunflower seeds, croutons and corn. As the dressing, I could choose between tahini dressing and pomegranate vinaigrette. I chose tahini dressing. The pomegranate vinaigrette was listed as fat-free, so it might actually be oil-free.

Urban Ramen:
Urban Ramen is a chain and it’s located several places in L.A (and Detroit). I found this one on Sunset Boulevard. I went in there and they had 3 vegan options with veggie broth and plants in there whole form. The noodles weren’t whole grain, but like I mentioned earlier I don’t mind compromising a little when I go out to eat, as long as it’s still freshly made and full of veggies. I had the maitake vegan ramen. The broth had so much umami flavor as filling it had homemade noodles, maitake mushroom, chinese broccoli, green onion and garlic. It was very delicious, fresh and crunchy. I definitely recommend this if you enjoy ramen. Veggie Grill:
Veggie Grill isn’t an obvious place to eat healthy, since it’s a junk food place. But they do have healthy options. I chose the savory kale caesar salad. They also have several other salad options. Veggie grill is also a chain restaurant located several places in L.A. This one is on Wilshire Street close to Santa Monica.
Acai Nation: This was the best breakfast café I found even though the portions were a bit to large for me. But it was very delicious. They had a variety of smoothies and acai bowls. I choose and Acai bowl with fruit, granola, cacao nibs and almond butter topping.
This was a 100% plant-based restaurant and they had a variety of dishes from healthy raw food dishes to greasy burgers. I had the kelp noodle with raw pesto ! It was very flavorful, and cafe Gratitude is highly recommendable.
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