Pulled mushroom salad with tahini/garlic dressing


150g king oyster mushroom

3,3 oz / 1 dl barbecue sauce (preferably sugar free, but use whatever you can find)

100g romaine lettuce

50g spinach

75g sugar snaps

Cherry tomatoes

Sliced cucumber

Baby corn


5 oz / 1,5 dl soy milk

1 tbs. tahini

1 clove of garlic

Juice of half a lemon

How it’s done:

If you cut the king oyster mushroom in half, you can pull it apart from the top to bottom.

Heat it up in a pan. Pour over the barbecue sauce and let it sauté until it starts to caramelize.

Chop the lettuce, spinach and sugar snaps. Slice as much tomato, cucumber and baby corn as you want.

Mix the vegetables and the pulled mushroom  on a plate.

Make the dressing be blending all the ingredients and pour over the salad.



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